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"Khaval" Chuvash movement

Our organization is called "Khaval", which means both "power, life energy, success" and "custom, tradition" in Chuvash. This name accents the positive mood of our program.
We aim to consolidate all the forces, which are not indifferent to the future of the Chuvash people as well as their language, culture and traditions.We have a number of things to do – and first of all, the Chuvash’s attitude to their own nation and its heritage. We find it very important to support any initiatives intended for the strengthening of the Chuvash national identity.
Our goals are:

  • To preserve and advance the Chuvash language;
  • To promote a positive image of the Chuvash people;
  • To provide information on the Chuvash Revival movement;
  • To study the Chuvash history and cultural heritage;
  • To popularize civil society values;
  • To establish contacts and cooperate with the other stateless nations’ organizations.
  • To establish contacts with Chuvash communities whether in Russia or abroad.

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