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Support us

If you share the goals and ways of Khaval—join us!

If you are not ready to join our organization yet, you may want to contribute to one of our projects listed on this page. We also need volunteers who know Chuvash, English and Esperanto for updating the corresponding language versions of our site.

We need informational support, too. You can help us by copying the code of Khaval button or userbar to your site from this page. Khaval groups on VK and Facebook might also use your input.

Finally, the financial support, which is also crucial. Khaval is a self-dependent organization: all expenses on our projects are covered by the members of Khaval themselves. If you share the goals and objectives of our organization, you can transfer any suitable amount of money to our account. This money could help us pay for site maintenance, print brochures or even fund a standalone project. Every donated rouble is your contribution into preservation and advancement of Chuvash language and culture. Accounts details:

Yandex.Money: 410011799459907
WebMoney (RUB): R277334469974
WebMoney (USD): Z145154110034

Please don't forget to provide purpose of payment ("Khaval"). Thank you in advance!